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Edwin A. Abrahamsen & Associates, P.C., headquartered in Scranton, Pennsylvania is the state’s most progressive debt recovery and collection law firm. The law firm began with the purpose of assisting national debt buyers and collection agencies in recovering and managing their outstanding accounts receivable. Through investments in technology, staff education, and highly selective recruiting, Edwin A. Abrahamsen & Associates, P.C., has been able to offer an improved level of services that our clients demand.

Edwin A. Abrahamsen & Associates, P.C., offers a full line of Collection Services with availability throughout Pennsylvania. As one of the most progressive collection law firms in the country, our Collection Service receives millions in bad debt placement monthly.

Along with our computer system, Edwin A. Abrahamsen & Associates, P.C., offers other on-line services like skiptracing, credit report access, scoring to determine collectibility, and power dialing capabilities.

With industry-specific strategies and services, Edwin A. Abrahamsen & Associates, P.C., provides results that improve the bottom line through accelerated cash flow, lower operating costs, reduced bad debt expense, and improved customer retention.

Our client-oriented receivables personnel and support staff have been carefully selected for collection experience, proper attitudes and values, and are thoroughly trained and supervised to ensure that they are constantly maintaining your good public image.

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